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Rockydavies Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: joker-products, t-shirt-joker, joker-tee, joker-shirt, t-shirt-batman

Tags: movie, shredder, splinter, master-splinter, turtle-shell

Tags: mashup, modern english, 1980s, 80s, ghost-trap

Tags: fantastic-4, fantastic-four, latveria, parody, marvel

Tags: he-man-and-the-masters-of-the-universe, grayskull, battle-cat, eternia, heman

Tags: hungry like the wolf, 80s, monster, spirit, ashitaka

Tags: mashup, 1980s, 80s, pat benatar, love is a battlefield


And another one down and another one down. Life's hard for a trooper.

Tags: stormtrooper, sith, 80s, 80smovie, queen


He came to save us from ourselves.

Tags: pop-culture, skynet, arnold-schwarzenegger, schwarzenegger, terminator-2

Tags: aliens, xenomorph, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrials, alien


Jingle Bells, ______ smells! Robin laid an egg! __mobile lost a wheel and _____ got away! (Although he is still hiding in the trees. Take a closer look.)

Tags: cartoon, dark-knight, dc-comics, joker, batmobile


Sometimes chasing those dreams sends you over the edge. They put you into overdrive! To the max and past the limit! To the extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: 80s, music, skeleton, bones, skull


To the ends of the earth. A wild shirt appears.

Tags: pokemon, pikachu, pokeball, nintendo, retro


When contaminated mayonnaise was placed on four cheeseburgers and left in the sun for three weeks, the Tenderloin Meat Juicy Burgers were born! Mutated by the special blend mayo, the burgers were now sentient beings, instructed in the martial arts by El Grande, an evolved burrito casually tossed out by a passing Mexican food truck. Together they battle the Grater, a nano-tech cheese grater hell-bent on shredding the Juicy Burgers into oblivion and ruling the food court. Time to Burger Up!

Tags: turtle-power, teenagemutantninjaturtles, ninja, ninjaturtles, burger

Tags: joe-dante, spike, monster, horror, nostalgia


All your favorite heroes with swords drawn!

Tags: 80s-movies, liono, 1980s, ninja-turtles, saturday-morning-cartoons


Its the eye of the tiger! Rock out to your 80's heart's delight in this nostalgia fueled awesome cat-astic design. Wear it while rocking your walk-man and thrashing on your bmx bike.

Tags: cartoon, music, 80s, battle-cat, nerd


The night life is the only life for those shine in the dark.

Tags: comics, dc-universe, humor, batmobile, dc

Tags: superhero, comics, dc-comics, comedy, funny


It has a bit of a familiar taste.

Tags: funny, ariel, fish, disney, sushi


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