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Seam Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: seamstress, no-regrets, seam-ripper, sewing-machine, tattoo


Seam rippers fix everything.

Tags: jayz, stitch, sewing, seam-ripper, problems


Pay tribute to Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne's home district with this District 12 t-shirt. The impoverished inhabitants of District 12 worked in the coal mines, as indicated by the logo. The district was bombed by the Capitol after Katniss destroyed the games.

Tags: 12, 12th-district, district, district-12, district-12-emblem


Before heading out into the woods of District 12 or 13, be sure to stock up on hunting supplies at the Everdeen & Hawthorne Hunting Company. Founded by Katniss and Gale, the company sells bows, arrows and plenty of other hunting gear.

Tags: district-13, katniss-gale, katniss-and-gale, everdeen-and-hawthorne, katniss


The Hunger Games Hob t-shirt promotes District 12's black market. The Hob is located inside an abandoned coal warehouse. Trade for meats and banned goods on your next visit to The Hob.

Tags: 12th-district, black-market, district-12, district-twelve, everdeen


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