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Stephen Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: design, art, retro, video-game, videogames

Tags: art, obey, thriller, stephen, author

Tags: arrow, agent-carter, oliver-queen, cw, army

Tags: cumberpatch, holmes, i-am-sherlocked, sherlocked, tv-sho


Time for a vacation? Why not channel Dana Scully and head over to the relaxing coast of Maine? Just make sure to avoid killer dolls and creepy kids! Inspired on the episode "Chinga" this creation is sure to please the hardcore X-Phile.

Tags: dana-scully, the-x-files, chinga, chris-carter, scully

Tags: sherlock, benadryl-cabbagepatch, benedict-cumberbatch, cumberbitches, parody


All based around Stephen King and his opus The Dark Tower and his love of baseball and the Red Sox. This shirt combines these elements… visually based on the Red Sox logo, replacing Boston with Gilead, the place in the Dark Tower series where Roland hails from. Roland is a gunslinger, hence the team name I’ve applied plus replacing socks with guns. The number 19 and the rose are common references throughout the series (seen here on the gun stocks) plus the title of the shirt has 19 letters, tying it back in. Feedback from Stephen King himself was that he loved the design, as did his son Joe Hill. This is one for all the fans out there. Enjoy

Tags: darktower, gunslinger, mashup, roland, scifi


A possible version of Bill's shirt at the end of Stephen King's It.

Tags: derry, clown, maine, it, pennywise


A simple but striking image based on Stephen Kings Dark Tower. I wanted to depict the Gunslinger without over complicating the image with layers and layers of iconography from the books. Fans of the series should get a kick out of the opening line of the books.

Tags: the-dark-tower, dark-tower, roland-deschain, ka-tet, oy


The Swedish Chef cooks like a warrior! The Curry is serving up a storm!

Tags: stef-curry, golden-state-warriors, swedish-chef, chef, curry

Tags: bill-skarsgard, tim-curry, balloons, circus, clown


Inspired by the sweatshirt Bill Denbrough adorns in the epilogue of the novel IT, this shirt uses many of the landmarks from the King multiverse.

Tags: evil-clown, clowns, clown, books, pennywise


The coolest t-shirt you'll ever own, hands down.

Tags: hot, best-seller, best-selling, 80s, novel

Tags: golden-state, basketball, dubs, warriors, playoffs


They all float down in Springfield.


The jacket that Pennywise wears when he takes the form of the Teen Werewolf. Taken right from the novel It and given its own twist, this t-shirt uses the official Derry High School colors (Orange and Black) and features their mascot, the Tiger. Pennywise Lives!

Tags: clown, clowns, books, pennywise, halloween


They all float down here... AND YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!

Tags: youll-float-too, scary-clowns, clowns, rynoarts, horror


RedBug T-Shirts has been active since 2007 and our goal is to bring the most amazing t-shirts, want to see more? www.redbug.com.br

Tags: funny, geek, humor, parody, crossover


Big Red has got to have some other hobbies besides trying to snuff out all of existence. He happened to turn on an Alabama football game and found his new passion. So he created his own team. Roll King!

Tags: the-dark-tower, roland-deschain, gunslinger, ka-tet, crimson-king


Welcome, Constant Reader, to the shirt you've been waiting for.

Tags: the-stand, the-shining, constant-reader, the-dark-tower, cujo


Stephen Curry #30

Tags: stephen, golden-state, san-francisco, curry, basketball

Tags: the-stand, dead-zone, the-shining, carrie, pennywise

Tags: cat, pet-sematary


Stephen Curry and Golden State inspired t-shirt

Tags: the-warriors, mvp, basketball-player, gesture, hand


A mashup t-shirt featuring famous thinker Stephen Hawking combined with musical act Wu-Tang Clan cuz wouldn't it be great if great minds got great band shirts?

Tags: geek, nerd, grok, philosophy, mash-up


Vintage shop logo inspired by Stephen King book

Tags: devil, vintage, shop-sign, book, horror


Put down that book and pick up your controller - it's time to help Writer Man (aka Mega King) battle his inner demons!

Tags: horror, novel, parody, nintendo, mega-man


Stephen king fan shirt

Tags: stephenking, scary, horror, jack-torrance, the-shining


Stephen Curry MVP 2016 T-shirt.

Tags: stephen-curry, sport, nba, basketball, mvp



Tags: golden-state-warriors, warriors


In honor of the greatest horror writer/fast food chain, I present to you this shirt! Guaranteed to get plenty of double takes (and maybe even a Double Whopper, with cheese of course.) Great for horrorhounds, bookworms, and junkfood enthusiasts! Lame-os need not apply. (Also in pin form, here: cameraviscera.bigcartel.com)

Tags: stephen-king, burger-king, burger-king-logo, fast-food, junk-food


Play along with your favorite Stephen King novel, movie or tv mini-series. This shirt covers the top King tropes we've come to know and love.

Tags: horror, literature, pennywise, the-stand, books


For all the Stephen King Fans out there...

Tags: book, author, movie, movies, film


The Chef Is Cooking Out Some Curry.

Tags: gold, chef, golden-state, gsw, mvp


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