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Sudanese Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


This unique design by artist Jeff Bartels features a chaotic skull combined with the flag of Sudan. Paint splatters and drips surround the skull which helps to create the wild chaotic look. This stylish decorated skull is a great way to show off your Sudanese pride and patriotism.

Tags: flag-of-sudan, sudanese, sudanese-skull, sudanese-splatter-skull, sudanese-pride


This unique design features a cute baby elephant painted with the flag of Sudan. The over sized head and small body along with the details in the skin create a beautiful combination of a cartoon and realistic look. Reading glasses sit on the seated elephants nose which gives the pattern a playful look and intelligent, nerdy feel. This adorable design is a great way to show off your Sudanese pride.

Tags: hipster, animal, elephant, baby-elephant, baby-elephant-wearing-glasses


This adorable design by artist Jeff Bartels features a small girl playing an old acoustic guitar painted with the flag of Sudan. The exaggerated features along with the large head and eyes give the design a stylish cartoon or anime look. The girl is decorated with Day of the Dead sugar skull make up which includes a star, flower pedals and swirls. Three red roses appear in the woman’s jet black hair that is echoed in her Gothic dress and boots. This unique little guitarist girl is a stylish combination of music and Sudanese pride.

Tags: girl, sudan, day-of-the-dead-girl, sudanese-day-of-the-dead, sudanese-sugar-skull-girl



Tags: khartoum, red-sea, sudanese, sudan-flag, sudanese-pride

Sudan Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by SeattleDesignCompany

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