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Tomahawk Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts



Tags: aztec, indians, ornaments, indian-ornaments, dragons

Tags: native, indigenous, native-american, tribe, warrior

Tags: agent-carter, bone, tomahawk, kurt, russell


Take Courage Design By Sam Phillips

Tags: agent-carter, indian, feather, tomahawk, bow

Take Courage Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by samphillipsillustration

Tags: politics-government, republican, donald, tomahawk

Tags: dc, dc-comic, cowboy, comic, hex


The combination of the items that represent the native americans.

Tags: axe, traditional, old, feathers, black



Tags: tomahawk, indians, aztec, fire-emblem, warpath


It’s a rabbit smoking a pipe. He’s smoking a pipe because he’s unafraid. He is unafraid because he’s smarter than the monster. Partially based on a possibly fabricated Native American folktale mentioned in the David Mamet film The Edge.

Tags: folklore, smoke, rabbits, illustration, bunny


Wake animal rage. T-shirt depicts a furious bear . The most dangerous animal that has no natural enemies in the wild.

Tags: axe, illustration, agent-carter, totem, nature

Tags: oldschool, cartoon, anime, tv, japanese


He fights for liberty for water starters everywhere.

Tags: pokemon, nerd, pop-culture, mash-ups, mashup


Skull with indian tomahawks and feathers

Tags: indian, america, usa, skeleton, death


The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation features a bow with three arrows along with a smoking tomahawk-pipe. The arrows represent three great chiefs: Apuckshunnubbee, Pushmataha, and Mosholatubbee. The peace pipe represents the peaceful nature of the tribe while the bow represents their willingness to fight when attacked or threatened.

Tags: bow-and-arrow, tomahawk, american-indian, america, tribal


Respect the power of "THE C" and crossing tomahawks.

Tags: blackhawks, nhl, chi-town, chicago, windy-city


You may have thought the cultures of war are gone. But all cultures share the same fate eventually. Cultures say they fight back. But culture won’t help. The illustration is also available without the text. This drawing is part of an illustrated, interactive book, available on the iPad. Download it from the App Store: http://j.mp/1bGJsG6

Tags: art, black-white, black-and-white, handwriting, drawn


Greedy hobo eater. Oil for money. Power over the masses.

Tags: art, skeleton, skeletons, death, halloween


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