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Villain Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Design inspired by the Fallen enemies in the game Destiny and the houses they are a part of.

Tags: destiny, video-games, bungie, fallen


Hope you like this parody! :D

Tags: michael-jackson, bad, parody, mashup


RED GHOST. By the way I love Recycle.

Tags: white, evil, illustration, villains, wrestling

Tags: fantasy, video-games, videogames, gaming, kefka


Satan Demands A Snackrifice!

Tags: satanic, snacks, food, devil, evil



Tags: jaws, mossasaurs, jurassic-world, jaws-parody, jurassicworld

Tags: book, spider, venom, marvel, dc

Tags: princess, disney-villain, disney-villains, disney-princess, disneyworld



Tags: skateboarding, skate, tnmt, hog, boar

Tags: tiki, bar, drink, tiki-bar, villainess

Tags: comic, dormammu, dr-strange, marvel, comics

Tags: comic, wilson-fisk, fisk, kingpin, daredevil

Tags: pinup, familiar, raven, evil, sorceress

Tags: joker, batman, dc-comics, clown, evil

Tags: trick-r-treat, halloween, scary, horror, monster


More than meets the eye!

Tags: robots-in-disguise, villains

Tags: uchiha, naruto, ikki, phoenix, vegeta


Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen

Tags: illustration, pop-culture, art, graphic-design, design


This is an illustration I did Inspired by Iron Maiden "Killers" cover and features Eddie as the Joker, hope you guys like it

Tags: the-joker, joker, dark-knight, arkham-asylum, arkham-origins


The text says "Fallen Angel" :)

Tags: fantasy, sephiroth, cloud, gaming


My wife HATES clowns, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to draw. I sketched out my drawing and showed her right before bed. To my joy she freaked out... Unfortunately that night I had the WORST clown nightmares. Karma? http://www.artisticdyslexia.com/

Tags: coulrophobia, clown, fear, terror, phobia

Killer Clown Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by ArtisticDyslexia

Ultron villain Abstract skull

Tags: avengers, thor, loki, captain-america, hulk

Tags: evil, drink, villainess, bar, villains


TMNT Metalhead with a Devo top! This classic robot turtle is a retro design in street art style.

Tags: art, ninja-turtles, metalhead, metal-head, pop-culture


Get your Villain on with some of the most Evil of Disney Characters

Tags: peter-pan, little-mermaid, aladdin, snow-white, evil-queen


Wild West villain.

Tags: cowboy, west, cartoon, villain, kids-fashion


No one cared who I was until I put on this shirt

Tags: gotham, badass, the-dark-knight-rises, dc-comics, bane

Tags: disney-villains, disney-villain, monster, disney, scary


Revolution is change. Change is transformation. Hail Megatron! Find more on Instagram and follow me on Twitter - @Seven_Hundred

Tags: ninja-turtles, che, che-guevara, shredder


This is my Villain costume! Celebrate Halloween by showing everyone you are an evil guy or girl with a funny and ironic sense of humor by wearing a quirky last minute costume tshirt this season. Perfect for men, women, or kids, this tee shirt would also make a great gag gift for a mom or a dad who want everyone to know that they will win the Halloween costume or cosplay contest!

Tags: villain-costume, costume, villains, funny, ironic

Tags: sea, kids-movies, tentacles, kids-fashion, ocean


Let everyone know that you are no longer a villain and instead want to be a good guy. Perfect addition to a villain cosplay and will certainly get a few chuckles out of other people.

Tags: heroes, funny, joke, good-guy, reformation


It's more fun to be bad.

Tags: gangster, boss, supervillain, sinister, power



Tags: manga, villains, superheroes, comic, tank

VILLAIN Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by EnforcerTank

Tags: scifi, dark-side, sci-fi

Tags: super-villain, super, word, text, typhography


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