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Vol 1 Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


I belong to the generation of amazing music of the 80s.

Tags: films, movies, comics, superheroes, heroes


Get "hooked on a feeling" with this Guardians of the Galaxy Parody T-Shirt

Tags: awesome-mix, awesome-mix-volume-1, star-lord, guardians-of-the-galaxy, funny-shirt


Come and get your love so you can stay hooked on that feeling, because there ain't no mountain high enough to keep you away from this Awesome Mix (Vol. 1)

Tags: marvel, awesome, awesome-mix, mix-tape, superheroes


Vol 1 by TEEvsTEE

Tags: movie, quentin-tarantino, uma-thurman, kill-bill


(see title)

Tags: awesome-mix, chriss-pratt, awesome-mix-vol-1, film-art, mix-tape

Tags: extraterrestrial, ufo, science-fiction, space, moon

Tags: starlord, star-lord, movies, pop-culture, geek


Zombie Vol:1

Tags: green, pink, font, zombietype, zombie-vol1

Zombie Vol:1 Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by PeteSakeDesigns

Remember in case of Biff break glass Vol 2 of this tee is also up to get as well I hope you all like it!

Tags: hoverboard, back-to-the-future, pop-culture


Everyone's favorite mix tape with a nice vintage treatment...

Tags: spaceship, mix-tape, boombox, groot, rocket-raccoon


Wear this kawaii Harajuku girl with you all the time!

Tags: harajuku, tokyo, kawaii-cute

Tags: design, fanart, guardians of the galaxy, gotg, awesome mix volume 1

Tags: olaf, stefano, disguises, a, series


Awesome Mix Vol.1 Cassette Tape

Tags: guardians-of-the-galaxy, groot, babygroot, dancinggroot, awesomemixvol1


Share Star Lord's favourite tunes.

Tags: groot, rocket-raccoon, i-am-groot, star-lord, gamora


Its the #1 Album in the Galaxy and my Jam… But hearing it on loop must get a bit annoying…

Tags: guardians, awesome mix vol 1, summertime, rocket, regular


80's inspired look!


The Dark Knigh Vol 1 is here!! Vol 2! is off of the new BVS movie!

Tags: batman, dc-comics, dark-knight, the-dark-knight, dc


Awesome Mixtape Vol 1, Tape, Music, Retro

Tags: 80s, starlord, marvel, mix, cassette


Volume 1: Art masters

Tags: popart, painting, fine-arts, art-histoty, artist

Tags: dc, dc-universe, wonder-woman, justice-league, wonder


Show your inner magic girl with this cool lettering!

Tags: girl, art, cursive, digital-lettering, lettering


Prime Life Music presents the greatest hits ever made by automatons!

Tags: transformers, transformer, music, cassette, sound


Party with Emmet, Edward, Betelgeuse, Jack and Lydia in this mashup mix tape!

Tags: tim-burton, the-nightmare-before-christmas, edwards-scissorhands, beetlejuice, cute


Don't need money, don't need fame. Just need this t-shirt to get you through the game... That's the power of love, baby!

Tags: everything-is-awesome, lego-movie, emmet, doc-brown, marty-mcfly


The first in our series of Double Feature shirts. two movies/one place just like at the drive ins!!

Tags: 70shorror, 60shorror, vintage-horror, double-feature, violentabduction


Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2, Tape, Cassette, Retro, Mix

Tags: vol-2, comic, mix, awesome, rocket

Tags: awesome-mix, awesome-mix-volume-1, awesome-mix-vol-1, audio-cassette, compact-cassette


Groot and Rocket vs Calvin & Hobbes mashup

Tags: art, comic, rocket-calvin, awesome-mix, vol-1

Tags: cassette, walkman, star-lords-walkman, hooked-on-a-feeling, mix-tape


Here's athrowback to the days of warbled music, cassette tape splicing, mixed tapes.

Tags: audio-cassette, compact-cassette, magnetic-tape, awesome-mix, mixed-emotions


I am Groot!

Tags: marvels, comics, humor, quotes, guardians-of-the-galaxy


A design for the musical 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'. As with all my theatre designs, you can add the details of your own production on here, making this a great promotional tool to advertise your show, or simply a gift to a cast member or someone on the production team. To personalise this, or any other tee on my site at no extra cost), simply email me at customdesign.teepublic@marinasinger.33mail.com and include the details you wish to add.

Tags: musical-theater, musical-theatre, broadway, lloyd, webber


Guardians of the Galaxy meets the Home Taping is Killing Music campaign in this parody, mashup design.

Tags: parody, spoof, cassette, tape, movie


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