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Wedding Singer Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


The Best Man! The Better Man!

Tags: best-man, better-man, wedding-singer

The Best Man Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by 3pointtally
$24 $18

Tags: song, sing, show, movie, wedding-singer


The Price Is Wrong Bitch! Classic scene from Happy Gilmore

Tags: bob-barker, price-is-wrong, price-is-right, chubbs-peterson, gilmore


A poster for shamed pro wrestler and principal as seen in Billy Madison

Tags: billy-madison, revolting-blob, adam-sandler, happy-gilmore, waterboy


Very funny quote from Billy Madison

Tags: happy-gilmore, billy-madison, stop-looking-at-me-swan, swan, billy-madison-quotes


Do you go to events hoping there will be karaoke singing? Is the local karaoke bar your hangout? Grab the microphone, start the karaoke machine, read the lyrics, and you are an instant rock star! Wear to a disco or karaoke club, office party, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party or to any celebration or event with music. Great gift for a karaoke lover like wedding singer or DJ (disc jockey).

Tags: karaoke-machine, karaoke-club, wedding-singer, disco, karaoke-lover


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