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Cameron Mitchell Kids T-Shirts


Jack just had to go and get promoted - but SG1 has two new recruits to bolster their spirits. You can also find other chibi character lineups on my profile – “Original Team Seasons 1-5” has the original foursome, "Season 6" has swapped out Daniel for Jonas and “Full Lineup” contains all SG members plus everyone’s favourite CMO and base commander. You can buy this design on mugs, prints, bags, technology cases and more at redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/colsamcarter/works/14634219-chibi-stargate-season-10-team

Tags: vala-mal-doran, samantha-carter, sam-carter, daniel-jackson, stargate

Chibi Stargate - Season 10 Kids T-Shirt

by colsamcarter
$18 $14

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