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Conserve Kids T-Shirts


converse parody

Tags: fun, funny, best-funny, teenage, soup


To prevent the Climate Change: Recycle. Reuse. Reduce #ClimateChange #PeopleClimateMarch

Tags: climate-change, climatechange, ecology, recycle, reuse



Conserve Water! Drink Beer

Tags: geek, vintage, retro, humour

Tags: geek, pop-culture, retro, funny, pun

Conserve All Rats Kids T-Shirt

by puppaluppa

Tags: fragment, fhay, fahy, island

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We are stewards of this planet; keepers of the third rock. We are the watchers; preserving life in its many manifestations, keeping color in the eyes of the Earth. I chose to study conservation because I don't want to live out the future of explaining to my unborn children why our oceans have become empty. "Well my loves, we had a hunger that couldn't be suppressed. Back then we didn't understand that what we wanted was something we had all along."

Tags: conservation, green, life, conserve, earth


A design to promote the protection, sustainable use and conservation of water. A dripping tap, with a water conservation message.

Tags: art, world-water-day, water-day, earth-day, recycle

World Water Day Kids T-Shirt

by mailboxdisco

Tags: drink-jack, save-water, wicked9mm, wickedz-z, exclusive

Save Water Kids T-Shirt

by Wicked9mm

When the planet needs saving, you're the one to call. You'll do anything to save mother earth. In fact, you'll happily conserve energy by kicking back and taking a nap!

Tags: environmentalist, conservationist, environment, nature, earth



Tags: logo, environmentalist, environmentalism, conservation, conserve-water

s vintage logo Kids T-Shirt

by somatosis

Do your part! Save water drink beer. Original art Copyright © Tina Lavoie. All rights reserved.

Tags: conserve-water, water-conservation, brewski, brew, ale

Tags: planet, veganism, vegan, environment, resistance

Tags: recycling, planet, go-green, mother-earth, nature

Tags: artsy, animal, illustration, art, conserve

Precious Kids T-Shirt

by normanduenas

Hey, i'm not lazy. I'm just conserving energy. I live in effective n efficient way, you know. So, i will only spend my energy for useful activities. You have friend who always say that kind of statement ? Give him/her this item! Best gify fr him/her.

Tags: sleeping, battery-low, battery-empty, battery-life, conserve-energy


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