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Copley Kids T-Shirts


From the popular Peter Jackson/Neill Blomkamp Production that was originally going to be a movie adaptation of the Halo computer game that got the plug pulled half way though production. Be a proud owner of this 'No Humans Allowed' street sign. District 9 logo. No humans allowed street sign, as an old, worn and distressed image. Hence a Vintage sign.

Tags: peter-jackson, science-fiction, sci-fi, sharlto-copley, neill-blomkamp

District 9 (Vintage) Kids T-Shirt

by giftgasdjinn

Tags: evolutions, machine, mecha, yolandi, robots

EVOLUT i ON Kids T-Shirt

by Donnie

I really like how this came out! I loved District 9 and am very excited to see Chappie in theaters. I’m a little worried cause the reviews weren’t awesome but this movie is so up my alley I think I’ll still adore it! Thanks for looking!

Tags: chappie, district-9, south-africa, neill-blomkamp, sharlto-copley

I am Chappie Kids T-Shirt

by briteddy

When you need a job done on earth in 2154

Tags: oryx, elysium, matt-damon, sharlto-copley, kruger

Tags: isolation, reserection, ressurection, blomkamp, neill-blomkamp

Multinational United Kids T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

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