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Elephant God Kids T-Shirts


Aum - Om - Oum The Sound of Creation and the Elephant God Ganesha/Vinayaga.

Tags: om, aum-symbol, aum, meditate, shanti

Om Ganesha Kids T-Shirt

by PatrioTEEism
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Ganesh, also known as Ganapati, is immediately recognizable as the elephant-headed god. He is the god of wisdom and learning, as well as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness. It is customary to begin cultural events, for example, by propitiating Ganesh, and older Sanskrit works invoked his name at their commencement. Ganesh is said to have written down the Mahabharata from the dictation of Vyasa. He is the lord (Isa) of the Ganas or troops of inferior deities, but more well-known as the son of Shiva and Parvati.

Tags: transcend, enlightenment, motivational, coexist, india


A Cute portrayal of beloved Hindu elephant god Ganesh - God of new beginnings, obstacle remover.

Tags: hindu, hinduism, india, ganesha, ganesh


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