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Headstrong Kids T-Shirts


Part of our whales series this stylish high polygon effect design shows the Beluga Whale, also known as the melonhead or sea canary, part of the same family as the Narwhal

Tags: beach-life, marine-biology, colorful, polygonal-art, mammals

Tags: white, white-whale, sea, ocean, whale

Beluga Whale Kids T-Shirt

by Elena_ONeill

Not sure what to say. I was kick'n around the idea of this guy for a while. Thought he would make a cool shirt and logo for my company.

Tags: top-hat, black-and-white, metalhead, headstrong


Oh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her sharp criticisms! But much like Lizzy Bennet, we’re happy to own this one. Obstinate? Headstrong? BRING IT.

Tags: pride-and-prejudice, elizabeth-bennet, lizzie-bennet, lizzie, austen

Tags: keira-knightley, lizzie, elizabeth-bennet, jane-austen, obstinate-headstrong-girl

Tags: ocean, belugas, dolphins, headstrong, sea


For the sarcasm lover in all of us. Check out this witty “I'm Not Stubborn. My Way is just Better” design on your favorite apparel.

Tags: cynical, funny, quotes, attitude, humorous


Let them know that you are the big boss man or boss lady! Not to say that you are pushy or a dictator, but maybe just a little headstrong. So listen up! Great gift for a boss or supervisor with a sense of humor. For any teacher, parent, mom or dad, coach, team leader or business manager. Perfect for back to school!

Tags: pushy, dictator, headstrong, bossed-around, bossy-boots

Tags: white, fishes, fish, aquatic, aquatic-life


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