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Hero For Hire Kids T-Shirts


Sometimes life gives you lemon. And you know what to do with that. But sometimes, it's rocks, thugs or even bigger things and then you need to hire a superhero. Luke maybe ?

Tags: comic, marvel, superheroes, jessica-jones, comics

Tags: lone-star, hero, barf, wild, hero-for-hire

LONE STAR Kids T-Shirt

by CoDDesigns
$18 $14

Tags: marvel, tarantino, quentin-tarantino, django-unchained, django

Cage Unchained V2 Kids T-Shirt

by Melonseta
$18 $14

Here another upload with Luke Cage solo. Hope u like this design with the big, black "power man"!

Tags: hero-for-hire, the-punisher, punisher, ironfist, superheroes

BE UGLY Kids T-Shirt

by Marvelfag
$18 $14

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