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Lobrosouls Kids T-Shirts


What? Bring Gary back. Mind your business.

Tags: twitchtv, dark-souls, lobosjr, lobrocop, lobrosouls


The "Official" Lobrocop Channel Shirt, as seen on twitch.tv/lobrocop. "It's not my face; it's my people's symbol for hope." (No, okay. It's just my face.) Imagine: being able to wear this screamin' mug roughly 5-6 inches below your own! WELL, YOU IMAGINED IT; NOW YOU CAN! Join the party! Lobro's sellin' ALL the way out! (Seriously, though: Thanks for clicking, and for your support. LobroLove.)

Tags: twitch, twitchtv, lobrocopgaming, lobrosouls, dark-souls

Tags: bloodborne, dark-souls-3, dark-souls, lobrocopgaming, lobosjrgaming

PLAY. Kids T-Shirt

by lobrocop

We are strong. We are many. Wear it proudly.

Tags: you-died, bloodborne, darksoulsfanart, souls, twitchtv


Dark Souls + Dr. Seuss, together at last. "You have souls in your coffers / You have juice in your flask / You have stamina -- / Let's see how long THAT will last!"

Tags: dark-souls, dark-souls-3, bloodborne, souls, artorias


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