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Made In Sweden Kids T-Shirts


OpenRC Project - Made By Sweden - Black Logo

Tags: formula-one, racing, volvo, formula-1, made-by-sweden


Skandihooligan skull and moose antlers with a pair of crossed Swedish made Carl Gustav M2 shoulder mounted rockets.

Tags: scandinavian, norse, pagan, heathen, asatru

Gustav Kids T-Shirt

by Skandihooligan

A roarer burner, pressure stove, framed by the Swedish flag, blue with a yellow cross. Many of the best brass pressure stoves were made in Sweden. This vintage stove, vector image is modelled on a 1 pint roarer burner.

Tags: sweden, swedish, made-in-sweden, swedish-flag, flag-of-sweden


Retro Camp Stove design. This is a vector drawn image of a Swedish style pack away camp stove. These are cool little, self pressurizing stoves, loved by stove collectors and hikers. Stoves of this design were made in Sweden, Korea, Russia and various other countries.

Tags: retro-camp-stove, camp-stove, camping, hiking, fire


A vector drawing of a brass, collapsable, roarer burner pressure stove. The text on the stove reads Sweden. The colours are the yellow and blue of the National flag of Sweden. Swedish manufacturers have been making some of the worlds best pressure stove for over 100 years, this design is a celebration of this.

Tags: stove, brass-stove, pressure-stove, camp-stove, camping


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