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Manami Kids T-Shirts

Tags: blue, yowamushi-pedal, yowapedal, yowapeda, manami-sangaku

Manami Kids T-Shirt

by whitekitestrings
$18 $14

Or… Kanami & Banana Green – Banana Splash Well, she has a Banana Stand. If you want something fabulous to take with you on mysterious bizarre adventures and stand by you, this should be on your touch list already. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure&Touch Detective Crossover Parody.

Tags: penelope, manami, banana-stand, banana-split, emerald-splash


Our favorite dandere masquerades as our favorite Japanese mascot in this kawaii design.

Tags: cat, konnichiwa, gato, black, kitty

Konnichiwa, Gokou-san Kids T-Shirt

by merimeaux
$18 $14

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