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Mexican Wall Kids T-Shirts


OranguTrump claims we can build a wall and solve all our problems. It won't happen. Most undocumented immigrants are those who enter legally and overstay their visas. I would not be surprised if the recipient of the $25 billion building contract was the Trump family.

Tags: election2016, orangutan, building, politics-government, donald-trump-2016


Can we build this wall instead?

Tags: seperation-of-church-and-state, trump, donald-trump, political-satire, wall


When you looked the Map then you don't see "Shithole" Countries. But President Trump saw. Are you from Haiti, From Africa or from Norway - no matter - be Proud. Support each other. Modern Society Tweets is part of the movement. We collect political statements and slogans and design them bit. If it's necessary. We have Joy and Fun. We Care.

Tags: trump-memes, political-quote, funny-political-gifts, mexican-wall, immigrant


President Trump might want to build a wall but we all know that love doesn't acknowledge such things. Trump hate with love and love your neighbor regardless of race or ethnicity.

Tags: love, anti-trump, anti-donald-trump, political-slogan, valentines-day

Tags: tv, tv-show, show, band, netflix

Tags: beatrice, wirt, otgw, greg, over-the-garden-wall

Over the Garden Wall Kids T-Shirt

by madalynmcleod

Who else feels like potatoes and molasses?

Tags: cartoon-network, over-the-garden-wall, cartoonnetwork, lantern, frog


Todd Brotzman's fictional rock band.

Tags: tv-shows, rock-bands, rock, geek, nerd

Tags: road-runner, coyote, beep, roadrunner

Tags: wall e, pixar, boot, plant, axiom

Directive Wall-e Kids T-Shirt

by MindsparkCreative

Did a fan art of Over the Garden Wall. I really enjoyed the series, I loved how thought provoking it got especially near the end. Kinda makes you wanna rewatch the whole thing to find the little clues! Had a great time watching it.

Tags: ry-spirit, fairytales, ryspirit, ryspiritart, garden


Sherlock and the Doctor will have to solve this mystery together!

Tags: the-doctor, mashup


wall breaker troops clash of clans

Tags: clash, characters, coc, wallbreaker, clash-of-clans


Cover design for MADMAN In Your Face 3D Special!

Tags: the-atomics, red-rocket-7, aaa-pop, comics, madman


When exploring a haunted castle and fighting for my life, I always eat the stuff I find in the walls after I smash them. It’s probably fine.

Tags: art, castlevania, nes, wall-meat, dracula

Wall Meat Kids T-Shirt

by ORabbit

Quote - Peace cannot be established on a foundation of fear. Preach acceptance. Live acceptance. Stop the hate.

Tags: america, trump, quotes, equality, humanity


Don't survive...live.

Tags: disney, pixar, eve


Rick Sanchez, from Rick and Morty, as in the song The Wall of Pink Floyd

Tags: pink-floyd, pink, floyd, the-wall, dark-side-of-the-moon

Main Tag

Tags: artsy-apparel, asian, magic, majestic, fantasy


Based on the adventures of Wirt and Greg in "Over the Garden Wall."

Tags: frog, night, halloween, lantern, trees


A set of mexican life related hand-drawn illustrations in a round shape

Tags: mexican, spanish, life, hand-drawn, icons

Mexican Life Kids T-Shirt

by Digster

RUN! Have fun in the Upside Down with this cool Stranger Things apparel.

Tags: strangerthings, netflix, stranger, things, eleven

The Wall Speaks. Kids T-Shirt

by keithmagnaye

Out critters since 1821 //Sacando bichos desde 1821

Tags: american, eagle, parody, mexico, mashup

Tags: black and white, phone case, mug, comic, cartoon

Tags: foodie, baker, cupcakes, bake, cherry

Mexican Muffin Kids T-Shirt

by aleromov

Manny Calavera in mexican style.

Tags: gaming, grim, grim-fandango, fandango, manny

Mexican Fandango! Kids T-Shirt

by AlexRoivas

Tags: mexican

Mexican Doodle Kids T-Shirt

by CrabMetalitees


Tags: cinco-de-mayo-denver, cinco-de-mayo-day, mexican-pride, mexico, mexican


by AmericasCrooked

Esta calavera es una respresentación de mi amor por el día de los muertos algo un poco mas femenina y juvenil, ya que creo que es de las pocas celebraciones que aun valoramos mucho

Tags: floral-skull, cool-skulls, calaveras, day-of-dead, mexican-skull

Mexican Skull Kids T-Shirt

by FanySanchez17

Off-centered Mexican design

Tags: art, fiesta, latino, hispanic, patterned

Tags: el-dia-de-los-muertos, muertos, skull, horror, rockabilly


Do you like hot sauce?

Tags: chili-pepper, cuisine, skull, burritos, tacos

Mexican cuisine Kids T-Shirt

by aSmilingThing

Mexican Nopalero

Tags: mexican-american, mexico-native, mexico-flag, mexican-boy, nopales


mexican bull t shirt for bull lovers

Tags: animal, tour, good-choice, running, fast

mexican bull Kids T-Shirt

by lifetimedesigns

This is a photograph of some various types of Mexican food.

Tags: international-cuisines, international-cuisine, i-love-mexican-food, eating-mexican-food, mexican-dish

Mexican Food Kids T-Shirt

by Bravuramedia
$18 $14

... and very proud of it.

Tags: america, humor, revolution, pride, mexican-pride

Hecho en Mexico Kids T-Shirt

by DiegoPedauye

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