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Paraffin Stove Kids T-Shirts


A roarer burner, pressure stove, framed by the Swedish flag, blue with a yellow cross. Many of the best brass pressure stoves were made in Sweden. This vintage stove, vector image is modelled on a 1 pint roarer burner.

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Sweden flag Pressure stove Kids T-Shirt

by mailboxdisco
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The flag of Germany, Tricolour (Black, red and yellow) framing a small roarer burner pressure stove. This stove is drawn based on a one pint, brass stove, which burns Paraffinol / Petroleum (Kerosene , Paraffin). Some excellent quality versions of this stove where produced in Germany.

Tags: petroleum, brass-stove, kerosene-stove, kocher, camp-stove


Kerosene pressure stove. I drew this design with the lover of classic pressure and camping stoves in mind. The stove I modeled it on is a one pint brass collapsable roarer. These stoves are called roarer burners due to their distinctive, loud and proud, noise they make. Some of the best stoves of this type were made in England and used extensively for decades in the United Kingdom and all other corners of the globe. This design features a black vector image of a stove framed by the Union Jack.

Tags: stove, cooker, burner, paraffin, paraffin-stove


A black vector image of a classic, vintage, one pint, roarer burner, brass, pressure stove. The stove is presented on the Red and white Japanese flag. Many high quality, innovative pressure stoves were made (and still are, in come cases) in Japan. The national flag of Japan, a white flag with a large red disc, representing the sun. This flag is officially called Nisshōki in Japanese, but is more commonly known as Hinomaru (circle of the sun).

Tags: japanese, nissh-ki, hinomaru, flag-of-japan, stove


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