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Peopley Kids T-Shirts


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Tags: peopley, lover, introvert, expression, love

Its Too Peopley Outside Kids T-Shirt

by jmgoutdoors
$18 $14

A funny graphic tee shirt for those of us who are introverted! ...or those who just don't want to deal with people!

Tags: outside, expression, humor, stay-home, peopley


This is a t-shirt that says going outside is highly overrated, I mean have you seen what's going out there? It's so peopley! And there's that really bright hot thing shining down on you and sometimes water can just fall from the sky! For indoor types, introverts, the socially awkward and the mildly anxious. Some of the finest folk in the world.

Tags: shy, anxiety, anti-social, introverts, peopley


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