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Pepa Kids T-Shirts


A tribute to the rap duo.

Tags: pop-culture, hiphop, group, duo, throwback

Salt-N-Pepa's Here Kids T-Shirt

by denisecolgs
$18 $14

Tags: giddy-up-lyrics, giddy-up, shoop-lyrics, push-it, shoop

Tags: rap, salt, pepa, spinderella, hip-hop

Salt N Peepa Kids T-Shirt

by mattlassen
$18 $14

Resisting the urge to type out the lyrics to "Shoop" here. Ahhh! Niece my witness. Err! Can I get some fries. EEK! Yum yum chocolate chip. GAH! MAKE ME WANNA SCREAM OOH OOH I LIKE WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU DO WHAT YOU DO YOU MAKE ME WANNA SHOOP! ::shrugs::

Tags: music, hip-hop, shoop, song, gay


Yeah you, c'mere and gimme a kiss!

Tags: lyrics, rap, push-it-push-it-real-good, new-york-city, pop-culture

Yo Yo Yo Yo Baby Pop Kids T-Shirt

by Kwamster
$18 $14

Let's talk about pigs baby

Tags: salt-n-pepa, parody, mash-up, peppa-pig-funny

Salt n Peppa Kids T-Shirt

by TopNotchy
$18 $14

Tags: famous-rappers, rap-hiphop, truehiphop, b-boys, breakin

Tramp Kids T-Shirt

by dedos
$18 $14

A lover and a fighter and he'll knock a knucka out....

Tags: body-like-arnold, denzel-face, what-a-mighty-good-man, retro, pop-culture


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