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Satori Kids T-Shirts


Satori Hello world. Welcome to “TheJollyMarten”! I’m steph. I paint watercolor animals, especially ferrets, otters, stoats, ermines,.. I also have different dog breeds and cats and horses, deer and dinosaurs.. let’s say I have a huge collection of animals .. :o) I have other pictures as well, like musical instruments and notes, leaves, christmas designs and so on,.. but mainly animals! Curious? Visit my store!

Tags: toddler, baby, minimalist, nature, japanese

satori Kids T-Shirt

by TheJollyMarten

Reviving some of my old artwork for my online shops

Tags: fantasy, emotive, noir, vampires, dracula

Satori Noir Kids T-Shirt

by ConnieFaye

Find the unburnt, unburning, unburnable one. The diamond of your being.

Tags: rest, wakefulness, asatoma, trinkets, absolution


The Zen Buddhist circle "Enso", is a symbol of Satori (enlightenment). It can be complete or incomplete.

Tags: satori, painted-abstract, buddhist-art, zen-circle, red-design

Red Zen Enso Kids T-Shirt

by TShirtKitty

Tags: anime, you-should-have-gone-to-shiratorizawa, eita-semi, tsutomu-goshiki, reon-ohira

Shiratorizawa Kids T-Shirt

by Soulcatcher

Tags: ushioi, haikyuu, seijou, oikawa tooru, shibata

Tags: ushiwaka, you-should-have-gone-to-shiratorizawa, wakatoshi-ushijima, eita-semi, reon-hira


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