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Swords And Sandals Kids T-Shirts


Crom wills it. Does anything else really need to be said?

Tags: sword-and-sorcery, swords-and-sandals, robertehoward, hyborean, john-milius

Crom wills it Kids T-Shirt

by gofenris

Based on a series of Allied propaganda posters from WWII. This version has text more suggestive of the movie versions. I recommend a medium to dark shirt for this art.

Tags: conan, conan-the-barbarian, conan-parody, arnold, reh


Inspired by WWII Allied propaganda posters.This one has alternate phrasing. The line of tiny type at the bottom of the poster reads: For additional copies, write to Graphics Division, Office of Facts and Figures, Tarantia … Specify REH Jacket No. 012206. KINGDOM OF AQUILONIA PRINTING OFFICE : 2391 – C.

Tags: conan, conan-the-barbarian, barbarian, cimmerian, revenge


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