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Tamagochi Kids T-Shirts


Your favourite tamagotchi character is back in tee form

Tags: tamogatchi, kuchipatchi, japan, japanese, anime


Your favourite tamagotchi character is here, in tee form

Tags: kanji, japanese, japan, anime, 90s


The Gadgets of Yesterdays

Tags: walkman, walkman-portable-cassette, stereo, nokia, tamagotchi

The Gadgets of Yesterdays Kids T-Shirt

by Aine_Creative_Designs_3
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A design featuring the super-cute strawberry Tamagotchi, Ichigotchi! Tamagotchi is a known virtual pet first released by Bandai in 1996-1997, and now you can wear one of the most adorable characters on a shirt. The shirts come in a wide variety of colors, so choose which color you think works best for you!

Tags: tamagotchi, tamagochi, tamogachi, tamogatchi, tomogatchi


The best character in Tamagotchi series is back in tee form

Tags: tamagotchi, tamagotchi-gameboy-color, tamagotchis, tamago, kutchipatchi


A shirt design featuring Kuchipatchi, one of the most well-known characters from Bandai's Tamagotchi virtual pets which first released in 1996-1997. Kuchipatchi loves eating, so this shirt features the adorable pudgy green character with an apple, slice of pizza, and donut! The shirt comes in a variety of colors so choose the color that looks the best to you.

Tags: tamagotchi, kuchipatchi, kutchipatchi, tamogatchi, tomodachi


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