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Tara Reid Kids T-Shirts


Real Heroes Summer

Tags: sharks, sharknado 4, ian ziering, tara reid, fin shepard


Sharks in a Tornado? Sometimes a cheesy TV horror movie comes along and captures the imaginations of people everywhere. So, grab your chainsaw and dive into the mouth of a tornado tossed great white shark.

Tags: movie, sharknado, funny, humor, monster

Shark Tornado Kids T-Shirt

by jarhumor

black and white, fine line, illustration

Tags: work, protection, peace, tattoo, marker

Goddess Tara Kids T-Shirt

by georgiamason

This design is a tribute to the episode 'Once More with Feeling' from Buffy and the relationship between Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay.

Tags: buffy, tara-maclay, btvs, willow-rosenberg, willow-buffy


Minimalist take on the various characters of Sons of Anarchy TV show.

Tags: men-of-mayhem, reaper-crew, redwood-original, motorcycle-club, anarchy

Tags: art, tara, red-tara, white-tara, green-tara

Red Tara Kids T-Shirt

by DakiniDreamer

Tags: asian-goddess, eastern-religion, eastern-philosophy, eastern-wisdom, moon-goddess


This tee definitely symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a netherworld of cosmic nothingness.

Tags: criminal-minds, spencer-reid, spencer, quantico, spence

Main Tag

Ink drawing.

Tags: spell, couple, lovers, buffy, magic

Willow and Tara Kids T-Shirt

by Pendientera

Tara (Sanskrit, "star") is a Buddhist goddess of universal compassion.“ White Tara is particularly associated with healing, protecting and stabilizing your life-force.” Gelek Rimpoche

Tags: music, religion, yin-yang, spirit, tibet

Tags: tara, meditate, spirituality, yoga, meditation


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