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The Walking Dead Questions Kids T-Shirts

Tags: christmas, deadites, necronomicon, deadbydawn, sweater

Tags: walking, dead, rick, grimes daryl dixon, dixon

The Walking Dead Kids T-Shirt

by SophieCorrigan

This time I'm mashing up Stranger Things with a classic Evil Dead poster.

Tags: evildead, hawkins, hawkins-national-laboratory, down, upside


Where will you be when the zombie apocalypse is upon us? Design features Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Hershel, and Beth.

Tags: zombie, zombies, geek, pop-culture, rick-grimes

Tags: simpsons, homer, simpson, bart, homer-simpson

Tags: the-walking-dead-questions, twd-merchandising, twdmerch, why, how-many-walkers-have-you-killed

twd questions Kids T-Shirt

by Winchestered

Tags: zombie, the-winchester, go-to-the-winchester, dean-winchester, slice-of-fried-gold


The consulting detective is back!

Tags: sherlock-holmes, sherlock-sesason-3, not-dead, tv, geek

#Not Dead Kids T-Shirt

by TomTrager

He's gonna SCARE the HELL, outta YOU! Any Questions!?!?!? [Suggested Shirt Color - ORANGE]

Tags: skeleton, skeletons, 100floorsoffrights, disneycast, castmember

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by darklordpug

The logo for The Saviors in The Walking Dead comic book series

Tags: zombie-shirt, tyreese, glenn, the-governor, hershel

Tags: game, videogame, frame, guns, grim

Dead Man Walking Kids T-Shirt

by lilyakkuma

I've got three simple questions for you.

Tags: white, black, cool, tv, kill


the walking dead-Michonne

Tags: dbd

dead Kids T-Shirt

by haplo

Tags: the-walking-dead, geek, nerd, walkers, a-clockwork-orange

Walking Dead Kids T-Shirt

by mrspaceman

The Walking Dead

Tags: the-walking-dead-tshirt, walking, dead, walt-disney, walter-white


The Walking Dead. This tribute t-shirt is inspired by the TV-show “The Walking Dead”.

Tags: daryl-dixon, rick-grimes


Fan art for the walking dead character Michonne

Tags: zombies, thewalkingdeadamc, walkingdead, thewalkingdead, michonne


The Muppets meet The Walking Dead in this ridiculously epic parody.

Tags: miss-piggy, waka-waka, the-muppets, animal, fozzie


Who knew walkers could get so much air??? O.o

Tags: nerd, zombie, walker, michonne, daryl


The Stranger Things logo reminded me of a specific quote from a specific TV series… so I felt inspired!

Tags: stuff-and-thangs, stranger-things, twd, thewalkingdead, rick-grimes


Caricatures of the Peanuts Gang as the cast of the Walking Dead

Tags: the-walking-dead, charlie-brown, peanuts, peanuts-gang

The Walking Peanuts Kids T-Shirt

by billhuntillustration

You can trust him!

Tags: thewalkingdead, walkingdead, twd, jesus, paulmonroe


SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD My first digital portrait. I want to do a series of my absolute favorite moments in TV, Movies, and games almost “remastered” in a digital painting. First I chose was a huge moment in The Walking Dead. Spoilers as I said before But I chose the scene where during the fall of Alexandria, Carl gets his eye shot up. The scene when it reveals his eye was blown out, and he slowly tilts his head up, then just says “Dad?”, it was haunting. And I loved it. So I wanted to do a portrait for it. This was my first ever purely digital portrait. I made it in Photoshop with a tablet, and used one fan brush.

Tags: cute, negan, abraham, abraham-ford, sgt-abraham

Tags: the-walking-dead, rick-grimes, sheriff, rick, daryl

walking dead Kids T-Shirt

by sisidsi

Bad Lip Reading featuring Carl Grimes in Carl Poppa (La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo). This one’s for the fans!

Tags: funny-song, zombie-tv, zombie-show, la-jiggy-jar-jar-doo, carl-grimes



Tags: robert-kirkman, the-walking-dead, comic, obey, obama

Tags: walkers, zombie-apocalypse, undead, the-walking-dead

Tags: geek, horror, look, flower, flowers

Dead Wars Kids T-Shirt

by evolvingeye

Tags: geek, nerd, fanart, parody, movies

Tags: ugly-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater, parody, humor, horror

Tags: survivor, hat, drama, zombie, walker

Tags: grunge, record, records, music, rock


The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California. Ranging from quintet to septet, the band is known for its unique and eclectic style, which fused elements of country

Tags: grateful dead, gratefuldead, steal-your-face, grateful-dead-bears, stealyourface

The Grateful Dead Kids T-Shirt

by nicoadisurya

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