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Ugly Trucker Kids T-Shirts


inspired by the good the bad and the ugly

Tags: mashup, parody, funny, nerd, geek


Ugly knitted seagulls

Tags: stop-it-now, seagulls


Deck the halls with EXTERMINATE!!!! Falalala lala don't blink! Tis the season to ASIMILATE!

Tags: doctor-who, ugly-sweater, christmas, christmas-sweater, ugly

Doctor Who Ugly Sweater Kids T-Shirt

by APSketches
$18 $14

Tags: sweater, christmassweater, christmas, ugly-sweater, dc-comics


Yaaaayyy Ugly Christmas sweater season! Who doesn't like a good mashup of two classics? Here's one mashing up two of my favorites. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal Lecter looks like he made quite the trip to find Clarice!

Tags: hello-clarice, christmas-sweater, christmas, sweater, winter

Tags: pokemon, psychic-type, water-type, fighting-type, fire-type

Tags: disney, walt-disney, disneyworld, disney-land, disneyland


Funny Bigfoot Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater

Tags: sweater, haha, xmas, christmas-sweater, funny-christmas-gift


Sleigher. Metal Santa funny christmas shirt for festive thrash fans. Rock around the Christmas tree this holidays with this metal xmas shirt.

Tags: madmax, shiny, chrome, immortanjoe, max

Mad Max Ugly Xmas Sweater Kids T-Shirt

by chrisraimoart
$18 $14

Tags: 90s-movies, nostalgia, 90s, jeep-wrangler, jeep


Funny ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas sweatshirt

Tags: cat, ugly-christmas-sweater, elf, christmas, xmas

Tags: firefly, kaylees-umbrella, serenity, joss-whedon, whedonverse

Tags: fivenightsatfreddys, 5-nights-at-freddys, fnaf-chica, foxy-pirates, marionette


Part of my 12 games of christmas series. Inspired by Metroid.

Tags: xmas-song, xmas-tree, cool-xmas, funny-xmas, classic-xmas

Tags: hyrule, ugly-xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, xmas-sweater, xmas


Princess Mononoke ugly sweater.

Tags: christmas, ugly-sweater, kodama, pop-culture, nerd

Tags: insomniackdesigns, insomniack-designs, beef, beefsquatch, bobs-burgers

Ugly Holiday Beefsquatch Kids T-Shirt

by InsomniackDesigns
$18 $14

Ren and Stimpy - Happy Happy Joy Joy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tags: stimpy, the-ren-and-stimpy-show, ugly-xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, xmas-sweater


Yule love this festive homage to one of Disney's oldest attractions. Wear it on your next trip or grab it for the office Christmas party. What better way to feel the warmth of the Holidays combined with the most magical place on Earth? Experience those feels any time of the year in this ugly sweater inspired shirt!

Tags: jingle-cruise, jungle-cruise, christmas, sweater

Jingle Cruise Ugly Sweater Kids T-Shirt

by MagicalMeltdown
$18 $14

Meowy Christmas! This outrageous Christmas Shirt says "Happy Holidays... I Love Cats". This kitty cat design is an original art piece by Benton Park Prints. Let all your friends know that you have a PURRRRRfect Holidy Fashion Sense!

Tags: ugly-christmas-sweater, uglysweater, christmas-sweater, sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater

Tags: beetlejuice, michael-keaton, sandworms, lydia-deetz, tim-burton

Ugly Ugly Ugly! Kids T-Shirt

by Punksthetic
$18 $14

A Yoshi's Woolly World design. What better for an ugly sweater? Get ready for Christmas with Yoshi!

Tags: yoshis-woolly-world, woolly-world, woolly-yoshi, christmas-sweater, xmas-sweater

Main Tag

Tags: zombies, zombie, funny, geek, nerd

Zombie Ugly Xmas Sweater Kids T-Shirt

by chrisraimoart
$18 $14

Have yourself a cheezy little Christmas with this official mrcheezypop Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Tags: mickey-mouse, ugly-christmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater, ugly-sweater

Tags: ugly-xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, xmas-sweater, ugly-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater

N*Sync Ugly Xmas Sweater Kids T-Shirt

by awesomeniemeier
$18 $14

Jo jo jo...

Tags: 76ers, nba

Ugly Sixers Xmas (blue) Kids T-Shirt

by OptionaliTEES
$18 $14

Tags: buffy, tv-shows, buffy-the-vampire-slayer, chrismas, whedonverse

Tags: harry-potter, hogwarts, potter, jk-rowling, quidditch


The best Spidey sweater for the holidays.

Tags: comic, spider-man, marvel, green-goblin, comics


Christmas is the time for festive themed movies. It's also when we don ugly patterned jumpers! So, naturally...Batman Returns, the Ugly Christmas Jumper edition (on a tee!). "In the meantime, how about a kiss Santi-Claus?"

Tags: dc, returns, movies, christmas, penguin


The good the bad and the ugly meets the lego movie.

Tags: movie, bad-cop, good-cop, the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly, pop-culture

Tags: winter, winter-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater, uglysweater, awesome


It's a Festivus miracle! Time to get the pole out of the crawl space and celebrate Festivus in style!

Tags: ugly-christmas, feats-of-strength, festivus-for-the-rest-of-us, frank-costanza, festivus-pole

Tags: boomstick, bruce-campbell, the-evil-dead, army-of-darkness, ash-williams


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