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Wiring Kids T-Shirts


Fant art boost Turbo

Tags: slammed, rat-rod, lowrider, skyline, wheel

Boost Floyd Kids T-Shirt

by vectorshirts
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"Ghost in the Machine" was the title of a book authored by Arthur Koestler. Koestler claims that mankind is moving towards self-destruction. Koestler states that the human brain is built upon primitive brain structures, and that these are the "ghost in the machine". At times these structures can overpower higher logical functions, and are responsible for hate, anger and other such destructive impulses. The Police titled their 1981 album "Ghost in the Machine". This is where I first heard of this concept. My t-shirt design interpretation of this attempts to graphically represent that man made machines manifest behaviours or events that cannot be explained. These behaviours or events are not programmed, they are the product of the machine taking its own course. These are reflections of our primitive destructive impluses within the machines that we have created.... as the machines are a reflection of us, they are likely to display self destructive behaviour just as we do.....

Tags: circuit, dark, ghost, geek, man


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