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Zombie Nurse Kids T-Shirts


Planning a costume party? Scary shirt will perfectly fit the bloody nurse, a killer nurse, serial killer nurse, crazy nurse, mad nurse and zombie nurse character. If you study nursing, it could be amusing to wear it at nursing school, college, university. Wear this T-shirt for your first working day of the nurse or for the nurse job interview (just joking, do not even try it). This scary Zombie Nurse T-shirt is excellent as a part of a nurse Halloween costume or a zombie nurse costume.

Tags: halloween-nurses, spooky, blood, bloody-hand-smear, nurse-halloween-costume


love the silenthill nurses, there is something very sexy about them yet they are still creepy as hell :)

Tags: girl, nurse, silent-hill, hospital, horror

Bloody Nurse Kids T-Shirt

by BioHallyArt

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