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Billet Laptop Cases


The United States Marine Corps has several ranks that carry the title of Sergeant, the lowest of which is Sergeant (E-5). Marine Sergeants are the fifth enlisted rank in the U.S. Marine Corps, above Corporal and below Staff Sergeant. Once a Marine reaches Sergeant, their promotions no longer derive from a composite score- and cutting score-based system; instead, they receive a FITREP, or fitness report (i.e., a formal written evaluation, grading attributes from appearance and bearing to leadership and technical proficiency). Sergeants serve as squad leaders or platoon guide in an infantry platoon, while Staff Sergeants serve in the billet of "platoon sergeant" in rifle platoons and "section leader" in weapons platoons (i.e., machine guns, mortars, anti-tank/assault weapons). In some units, however, depending on total strength, Sergeants may serve in a "+1" billet, meaning that although a particular billet specifies a Staff Sergeant (E6), it is being filled by a Sergeant (E5 "+1"). In top-heavy units with a glut of NCOs, Sergeants may also serve in a "-1" billet, acting as a "team leader" in the place of a Corporal (E4, effectively E5 "-1").

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