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Bipper Laptop Cases


Over the weekend I got to watch the episode of Gravity Falls where they first encounter Bill. There’s just something so absolutely perfect about this character.

Tags: disney-xd, grunkle-stan, pattern, soos, mabel-pines

Bill Pattern Laptop Case

by mcoraci

An alternate version if you just wanted this cool looking Bill Cipher.

Tags: stanford-pines, disney-xd, alex-hirsch, pop-culture, weirdmageddon


Inspired by 'Gravity Falls', a design featuring the completely trustworthy pair of Dipper and Ford and no one else at all.

Tags: the author, author, creepy, mystery, possession

Tags: cartoons, waddles, bill, a-tale-of-two-stans, the-author


Inspired by 'Gravity Falls', a design featuring the mysterious Grunkle Ford! Or does it? Give everyone's favourite demon a new peephole into our dimension by putting this design all over your stuff!

Tags: the author, the last mabelcorn, mabel pines, dipper pines, bipper


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