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Chestbuster Laptop Cases

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Tags: zoboestudio, draw, drawing, extraterrestrial, xenomorph


A parody of the famous Alien chestbursting scene.

Tags: alien, scott weston, hoborobo, nickelodeon, invader


In space no one can hear you scream so crank this party up!!

Tags: chest-burster, movie, film, retro, kool-aid

Oh Yeah! Laptop Case

by ivanrodero

by Evan Ferstenfeld & Ben Douglass

Tags: lol, parody, apple, alien, alien-movie

Alien Apple Laptop Case

by madewithawesome

It must be something that he ate...

Tags: mashup, pop-culture, movies, tin-man, skullpy

Tags: science-fiction, video-games, bloody, fiction, science


Alien Tonari

Tags: anime, xenomorph, aliens, ellen-ripley, prometheus

Studio Ripley Laptop Case

by pigboom

Tags: alien-queen, thats-all-folks, looney-tunes, james-cameron, ridley-scott

Alien Vs Looney Tunes Laptop Case

by julianarnold

A nice crossover art of anti-ghost logos and aliens bursting from chests.

Tags: reitman, ivan, scott, ridley, ripley

Chestbusters! Laptop Case

by JohnFerenz

Tags: strange, funny, gross, bloody, trending


Lieutenant First Class Ellen Louise Ripley was a civilian adviser to the United States Colonial Marine Corps and a hugely influential figure in humanity's encounters with the species Xenomorph XX121...

Tags: weyland, chestbuster, facehugger, wayland-yutani, lv-426


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