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City Hall Laptop Cases


Great for use on Wall Art / Poster

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"Every town has its own unique history, and Pawnee's is full of both pride and shame. Mostly shame. But some pride. But really: shame. The large murals that line the walls of Pioneer Hall depict some of the most famous and interesting moments in our town's past, and are well worth checking out as works or art -- even if they are also by any standard horrifying at a level it is difficult to comprehend. " - Leslie Knope Now you too can own your favorite piece of Pawnee history!

Tags: tv-shows, city-hall, mural, parks-and-recreations, parks-and-rec

Spirit of Pawnee Laptop Case

by nicedrak
$36 $30

Did you know that from a certain angle it looks like the William Penn statue on top of Philadelphia City Hall has its, erm, 10 ft. long hoagie out? Hoagiemouth knows! OK, that's actually just his outstretched hand striking a fierce pose, but gurl! See it for yourself. Stand somewhere north of City Hall and look toward the Gayborhood (mmhmm, I said the Gayborhood). Boom! Hoagie on a Sarcone's roll. Anyway, here you go. William Penn with his hoagie out for the world to see. Because Philly is what? HUNGRY.

Tags: always-sunny-in-philadelphia, lgbt, geek, art, funny


Ever wonder what the monsters, witches, and ghouls do when it's not Halloween? They read or play cards in the plaza like everyone else. Some stroll hand in hand with their loved ones while others people watch from above.

Tags: halloweentown, halloween, hocus-pocus, the-nightmare-before-christmas, universal-monsters

Halloweentown Plaza Laptop Case

by miew711
$36 $27

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