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Contestfromsuperheroes Laptop Cases


Ever wonder what the Dark Knight and crew would look like as Pokémon? Well now you can see for yourself! With Batman as Noivern, Robin as Fletchlinder, Nightwing as Lugia, Batgirl as Noibat, Red Hood as Notcowl, Red Robin as Pidgeotto, Catwoman as Purrloin, Killer Croc as Feraligatr, Scarecrow as Caturne, Clayface as Muk, Joker as Zangoose, Harley Quinn as Meowstic, and Poison Ivy as Leafeon!

Tags: superhero, superheroes, dc-comics


Parody - Harley Quinn as Little Miss Trouble

Tags: contestfromsuperheroes


First design to be uploaded here. Thought it'd be fun to try and enter the "Texts From Superhero" contest. Hope you like it.

Tags: dc, contestfromsuperheroes, dark-knight, superhero, dc-comics


Tourism advertisement for everyone's favorite (and only) Iron Fist training location!

Tags: comic, contestfromsuperheroes, defenders, the-defenders, ironfist


Taylor who? I'm Batman..

Tags: mash-up, 1989-taylor-swift, batman-1989, batman, contestfromsuperheroes

B. 1989 Laptop Case

by annadrewthat

Actually made this one first for the "Text From Superheroes" contest...before I realized that they probably wanted SUPERHEROES, not villains. But, I've already made it, so what the heck...

Tags: dark-knight, harvey-dent, twoface, dc-comics, contestfromsuperheroes

Tags: et, bicycle, cycling, dark-knight, man-of-sl


I'm from a place called Smallville. You've probably never heard of it.

Tags: contestfromsuperheroes, clark-kent, man-of-steel, hipster, smallville


Joker & Harley Quinn - Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Tags: contestfromsuperheroes, joker, harley-quinn, harleyquinn, jokerandharley


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