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Cretaceous Period Laptop Cases


Remember when you went back in time to see the Dinosaurs? Well now you can finally get the souvenir T-Shirt!

Tags: funny


From a photo I took in Athens, Oct 2016

Tags: travel, europe, greece, ancient-greece, ancient-history


An Indiana Jones spin on the Dick Tracy logo.

Tags: nerd, mashup, funny, parody, geek

Tags: astronomy, science, prehistoric, archaeologist

Nebra Sky Disk Laptop Case

by ImNotThere

Tags: history, ancient-history, ancient-greek, black-figure, red-figure


Mesozoic Era expression, written in bold font and rendered in textured, inspired by a dinosaur skin.

Tags: dinosaur, wildlife, black-and-white, typography, mesozoic

Mesozoic Era Laptop Case

by GeeTee

Love all creatures prehistoric? From jurassic to cretaceous, triceratops to tyrannosaurus rex these thunder lizards are always an attraction. Wear to the natural history museum, school science fair or dino theme park. Great kids gift for any dinosaur obsessed boy or girl, this is a velociraptor they can really dig. Perfect for a student of archaeology or paleontology.

Tags: fossils, cretaceous-period, paleontology, archeology, science

Tags: dino, 80s, retro, summer, fashion

Main Tag

Tags: t-rex, tyrannosaurus, cretaceous, dino, dinosaur


Caution, i am on exams period

Tags: humor, spongebob, spongebob-squarepants, sponge-bob, sponge

Exams period Laptop Case

by LegendaryPhoenix

Tags: pms, pitchforks, pain, sad, funny

Period Problems Laptop Case

by demianblue

Tags: dino, t-rex, jurassic, prehistoric, tyrannosaurus-rex

Tags: dinosaur-pun, dinosaur, cute-dinosaur, cute, pun


Just in time for Valentine's day. An adorable couple

Tags: valentine, romantic, dog-lover, i-love-dogs, puppy

Puppy Love-Blue Period Laptop Case

by TealFeatherCreations1

Pachycephalosaurus, a new Ceratopsid and Tyrannosaurus Rex. All drawn in graphite, the former two from specimens at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Tags: pachycephalosaurus, cereatopsid, ceratops, ceratopsidae, jurrasic-park

Main Tag

Tags: blockb, block-b, korea, korean, k-pop

Tags: block-b, korea, korean, k-pop, kpop

Tags: korea, korean, k-pop, kpop, block-b

Tags: kpop, blockb, block-b, korea, korean


Show off your girl power with this feminist shirt from Feminisme swag! Feminism isn’t anti-men, it’s pro-equality. Vive Le Feminisme translates from French to “Long Live Feminism”. Fight the patriarchy everywhere you go with this pro-woman shirt! It would make the perfect gift for yourself.

Tags: feminists, equality, equal-rights, social-justice, womens-rights

Feminist Period Laptop Case

by JustinDallas

If I need to describe this one to you then we might need to get you some sort of professional help

Tags: skulls, bones


Show your love for us with this awesome design!

Tags: fossil, dinosaurs, productions, cretaceous, distressed


Painters and Decorators are in. Period, Menstrual, PMS, PMT Warning design

Tags: girl, feminism, paint-splatter, uterus, slang


Are you a brainiac or know of a nerd or geek? You clearly are one if you get the pun. This clever product is a great way to show off your exceptional intelligence and brain power.

Tags: elements, periodic-table, geek, nerd, clever

Tags: cute-dinosaur, cute-dino, flirt, cute, dinosaur

Flirtaceous Period White Laptop Case

by PelicanAndWolf

Tags: design, graphic-design, art, artsy, text


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