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Dodecahedron Laptop Cases

Tags: patterns, sacred geometry, merkabah, eyes, sacred


The Dodecahedron is a polyhedron (a flat-sided solid object) with 12 Faces. It is one of the Platonic Solids.

Tags: festival, techno, zen, mandala, dodecahedron

Dodeca Laptop Case

by ZenCandy

Traces of chalk forming a complex geometrical construction with a purple dodecahedron in the middle.

Tags: satanic, witchcraft, purple, construction, dodecahedron


Give The Perfect Sacred Geometry Art Gift Idea With This Star Tetrahedron Mandala for Science Lovers And Sacred Geometry Lovers. A Universal Sacred Geometry Merkaba Featuring the Amazing Space Time Geometry Mandala of Creation.

Tags: star-tetrahedron, mandala, mandalas, geometric-patterns, star-of-david


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