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Dop Laptop Cases


Stylized text treatment for an unusual photographic effect.

Tags: film, movies, cinema, cinematography, cinematographer

Split Diopter Laptop Case

by Ekliptik
$36 $30

A host of South African slang words and colloquialisms displayed on the flag of South Africa, (black, white, blue, red, green and gold). Boerewors, bokkie, brak, Bra, bru, cherry, braai, eina!, Dop, dof, baas, blou, jislaaik!, Gesuip, hoesit, paraat, skief, Skinner, skop, goof, katkop, klankie, kwaai, lekker, muggie, moer-toe, skraal, skrik, Smaak, voertsek, tekkies.

Tags: flag, south-africa, south-african-flag, afrikaans, slang


Excellent for film shooting

Tags: camera, red-one, filmmaker-gifts, filmmaking, shoot

Tags: acting-director, camera, movie, film, director

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Great for men or women, this unisex design features the silhouette of a guy with the head of an old school film camera. Behind him is a sunburst. For film makers, directors, DOPs, film students, film geeks and pop culture movie fans of all kinds. Original art Copyright © Eric Lavoie and Tina Lavoie. All rights reserved.

Tags: design, geek, movie-geek-stuff, film-geek-stuff, film-maker


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