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Enid Laptop Cases

Tags: ghost, daniel-clowes, world, humor, raptor

Enid & Rebecca Laptop Case

by crystalfriedman

you fight to the end! you are my best friend!

Tags: ko, ok, cartoon-network, cartoon, rad


Ghost World - Raptor

Tags: enid, blue-raptor, scarlett-johansson, thora-birch, dinosaur

Ghost World - Raptor Laptop Case

by angelsangelas
Main Tag

Ghost world is boring, the oppressive quiet of the city, the end of an era, first love, the beginning of something else and elsewhere. Ghost world is a bit what we leave behind us to move forward. Ghost world c'est l'ennui, le calme de la ville oppressante, la fin du époque, les premiers émois, le commencement d'autre chose et ailleurs. Ghost world c'est un peu ce que nous laissons derrière nous pour avancer.

Tags: ghost, world, ghostworld, daniel-clowes, comics

Ghost world Laptop Case

by HydeOmega

I just hate all these extroverted obnoxious pseudo-bohemian losers.

Tags: comic, punk, goth, dark, outsiders

Stay Weird Laptop Case

by LadyMorgan

Tags: the-walking-dead, zombie, zombies, undead, zombie-apocalypse


I can't either, Steve. Quote from the movie adaptation of "Ghost World" by Daniel Clowes.

Tags: mr-deeds, airheads, the-big-lebowski, fargo, resevoir-dogs

Steve Buscemi Laptop Case

by prettyprettyugly

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