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Fanmade Laptop Cases

Tags: mlp, dark, brony

NLR Laptop Case

by DarkHorseKnight

Mega Flareon design made by me. Flareon's original design belongs to Gamefreak.

Tags: mega, pokemon


Mega Feraligatr design idea made by me. Feraligatr's original design belongs to Gamefreak.


I love the designs of the Pokémon GOteam banners, so I decided to make one of my own, with Giratina as its mascot.

Tags: pokemon, spooky, legendary, ghost, dragon


ATTENTION: THIS DESIGN IS FANMADE AND IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THE GAME THEORISTS (although I wish I was) If you ever watched a Game Theory stream ("...a live stream!"), you'll know most, if not all the problems on the stream are solved by Jason, a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows behind the camera. When a problem arises, whatever the cause, MatPat will (almost) automatically say "#BlameJason", as a joke. What better way to say the same than to wear it? DISCLAIMER: I don't really #BlameJason, I have nothing but respect for the man, it takes effort, knowledge and skill to keep streams like that happening. Even when such streams SHUT YOUTUBE DOWN!

Tags: best-seller, gt, game, theory, jason


Just an image I created. Cinderella and Scream crossover. Fan-made.

Tags: scream, crossover, funny, disney, fanmade

Cinderella Scream Laptop Case

by mellsworth7

In the case you ever wanted to join the fictional Pleasantville Gothic Fantasy Guild.

Tags: geeky, geek, bwoc, big-wolf-on-campus, merton-dingle

Tags: series, patrick-star, fanart, fanmade, sponge

Main Tag

Tags: rock, vintage, quote, transformation, music

Synergy! Laptop Case

by QueenMaudit

So Many Movies coming...

Tags: avengers, superheroes, superhero-movie, iron-man, dc-comics


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