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Fault Laptop Cases

Tags: funny, fault, my, its, sorry

Tags: divided, kingdom, united, loss, win

Brexit Laptop Case

by Starbuck1992
$36 $30

This funny and naughty "Mea Culpa" Latin Proverb Shirt will make your friends laugh. If some people think you're "always to blame" (and they may be right), this evil "ok, I'm guilty" mea culpa shirt is the funny answer. Mea Culpa - Latin for "It's My Fault" is also a funny ( christmas ) gift for Latin teacher, Latin student, lawyer, attorney or legal professional.

Tags: culpa, fault, proverb, mea, attorney


Donut Even Think About It

Tags: donut-even-think-about-it, donut, food, puns, pun

Donut Even Think About It Laptop Case

by VectorPlanet
$36 $30

Finally Los Angeles became an island !

Tags: los-angeles, big-one, earthquake, san-andreas, fault

Get Ready To Rumble Laptop Case

by ChrisRolling
$36 $30

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