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Herglotz Laptop Cases


E = MC2 All the equations in this design are REAL equations and not random gibberish. Some of them have been cut from huge equations in order to fit in the design, nevertheless for all the mathematicians, physicists, theorists and what so ever out there this is a must.

Tags: emc2, e-mc2, length-contraction, relativity-of-simultaneity, relativistic-doppler-effect

E equals mc2 Laptop Case

by Bomdesignz
$36 $30

ALL OF THE EQUATIONS in this design are REAL and not random numbers. I am sure mathematicians, physicists, etc will be very happy.

Tags: shuttle, star, nasa, earth, universe


An amazing quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson "Einstein's biggest blunder is thinking he made a blunder. That's how smart he is. That's badass smart."

Tags: mathematics, science, physicist, theoretical, mechanics


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