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Intersectionality Laptop Cases


She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted. // As a feminist, I love the determination behind "nevertheless, she persisted." I added cracks in the top - symbolic of the glass ceiling that is cracking more each day.

Tags: girl, queer, equal-rights, womens-rights, feminists

Tags: women, black-women, progressive, equality, basic-rights


This design is a tribute to all of the women and men who seek equality, equal representation, equal access to healthcare, equal access to education, to employment and the like. Smash patriarchy. Resist. And strive for a better future.

Tags: feminist, partriarchy, equality, queer, lgbtqia


More color, more pride. Show your pride with this recoloring of the American Flag, with the addition of a black and brown stripe. Love is love (and very stylish). Made by a bi artist.

Tags: love, intersectional, intersectionality, gay-flag, american-flag


Support Intersectional Feminism with this pro-feminist t-shirt!

Tags: intersectional feminism, intersectional, intersectionality, equal rights, equal


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