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Jaegar Laptop Cases

Tags: jaeger, godzilla-2014, gojira, kaiju, pacific-rim


To fight monsters we created monsters

Tags: mecha, gypsy-danger, jeager, pacific-rim

Jeager Chest Laptop Case

by novasix

Are you one of those guys/gals who likes Doctor Who AND Pacific Rim? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Doctor Who and Pacific Rim got together and had a baby? Well now you know – Doctor KaijWHO – he’s here to save and or destroy the world. Simultaneously causing and preventing apocalypses. Doctor KaijWho is a walking, city smashing, jaegar(dalek) fighting super paradox!

Tags: the-doctor, kaiju, godzilla, pacific-rim, tv-shows

Tags: nathan-davis, nerd, illustration, artsy-stuff, art-artsy


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