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Kakuzu Laptop Cases

Tags: rock, jiraiya, sensei, ramen, naruto

Sensei Laptop Case

by PsychoDelicia
$36 $30

Tags: naruto, shippuden, ninja, love, crimson

Crimson ninja Laptop Case

by FanFreak
$36 $27

naruto friend

Tags: master-jiraiya, neji, ino, maito, hidan

shikamaru Laptop Case

by claravierra
$36 $30

line up of the baddest ninjas around

Tags: sasori, konan, zetsu, deidara, kisame

Akatsuki Lineup Laptop Case

by mtmyobokuproductions
$36 $30

Tags: sasori, otsutsuki, akatsuki-naruto, akatsuki, manga

The Boss Laptop Case

by TotalnoobMLG
$36 $30

Tags: obito, pain, deidara, tobi, kisame


Their ark might be over but their legacy will never be forgotten, with this new shirt serving as a tribute to this awesomely evil team.

Tags: akatsuki, akatsuki-naruto, itachi-naruto, nagato, pain

The Akatsuki Laptop Case

by jingacoo
$36 $30

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