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King Boo Laptop Cases


Long live the king in this haunted mansion

Tags: super-mario-64, supermario, mario-brothers, mansion, luigi's



Tags: boo, king, king-boo, mario, super-mario

King Boo Laptop Case

by Denilson

King boo from mario bros chasing slimer

Tags: retro, ghostbusters, slimer, gaming, videogames

King Boo and Slimer Laptop Case

by geekykitty
$36 $30

A Haunted Mansion inspired Clue board! Suspects: Phineas (Hitchhiking Ghost) Ezra (Hitchhiking Ghost) Gus (Hitchhiking Ghost) Hatbox Ghost Bride Madame Leota Murder Weapons: Crystal Ball Axe Lantern Noose Candelabra Gun Rooms Shown: Foyer Stretching Room Viewing Room Door Hallway Madame Leota's Room Ballroom Attic Graveyard I hope you like it!

Tags: surefoot, ghosts, hitchhiking, hitchhiking-ghosts, the-haunted-mansion

Haunted Mansion Clue Laptop Case

by SurefootDesigns

He's just the kind of guy to not Take the L, Luigi and Toad conquering their fears in the haunted mansion.

Tags: video-game, mario-bros, super-mario-bros, super-mario, super-mario-brothers


Why choose the lesser evil when you can choose a barrage of multiplayer minigames?

Tags: mario, luigi, peach, bowser, toad


This game made me fall in love with Luigi. I'm glad to finally be making a tribute to him and his ultimate adventure!

Tags: luigi, luigis-mansion, poltergust, boo, king-boo


For all the button-mashing, coin-stealing superstars out there!~

Tags: super-mario-bros, mario-bros, mario-brothers, super-mario-64, bowser

Party Squad Laptop Case

by Versiris

a little ghost logo i made in my spare time at like 1am.

Tags: cute-ghost, adorable, neon, horizontal-stripes, rainbow

poltergeist Laptop Case

by cloudyjohn

Nightmare Acres Logo

Tags: creepy, monster, spooky, scary, horror

Nightmare Acres Laptop Case

by NightmareAcres

Extend to "any character name" for a quicker death.

Tags: drinking-game, poltergeist-3, poltergeist-iii, halloween, horror


It knows what scares you...

Tags: 80s, scary, movie, turkish, steven-spielberg


A blast from the past with some iconic faces from the Gamecube era.

Tags: animal, nostalgia, gamecube, nintendo, metroid

Gamecube All-Stars Laptop Case

by KyleLabriola

Mega topo monty boom

Tags: super-mario-bros, super-mario-brothers, videogames, bomber-man, bomberman

Mega topo monty boom Laptop Case

by DavidSSTshirts

Welcome to the House of Tortured Souls..where you are guaranteed to not make it out alive! Please email any pictures of you with House of Tortured Souls gear to admins@houseoftorturedsouls.com

Tags: house-of-tortured-souls, dead, moon, death, skull

Tags: super-luigi, luigi-death-stare, king-boo, poltergust, mario


"I'm getting too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery."

Tags: vacuum, super-mario, gaming, luigi, spooky


The Dark Side is coming...

Tags: star-wars, starwars, darth-vader, kylo-ren

The Darth King Laptop Case

by Barbadifuoco

Tags: nerd, wizard, magical, artsy-style, artsy-stuff

Magic King Laptop Case

by Naolito

Tags: king, lion, the


The king of all Kaiju!

Tags: japan, manga, anime, king-kong, pacific-rim

Tags: super-mario-kart, king-boo, shy-guy, larry, roy

Tags: videogames, ghost, nintendoshirts, mario-bros, boo

Shy Boo Laptop Case

by Nykos

Nothing says romance like a b00-quet of flowers

Tags: videogames, videogame, popular, pop-culture, romantic

Boo-quet Laptop Case

by TwistMedia
Main Tag

Tags: halloween, super-smash-bros, super-luigi, dark-moon, king-boo

Tags: tchalla, prince, king, wakanda, film


collab with Jaime Ugarte

Tags: bowser, luigis-mansion, luigi, king-boo, moon

Boo Boys Laptop Case

by Minilla

Tags: halloween, mario, boo, scary, horror



Tags: haunted-house, haunted-mansion, moon, dark, king-boo

Tags: luigi, goomba, dry-bones, isabelle, iggy


I was saying boo-urns.

Tags: matt-groening, simpson, pop-culture, funny, minimal

Tags: halloween, super-smash-bros, king-boo, super-luigi, luigis-mansion

Tags: scary-movies, leather-face, childs-play, jason-voorhees, friday-the-13th


Clash Royale emoticon :D

Tags: clash, royale, king, supercell, royal

Tags: super-mario, super-mario-bros, bowser, toad, nes

Tags: king-george, alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, aaron-burr, hamiltrash

King George Laptop Case

by FandomFeelsPH07

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