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Lcd Laptop Cases

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Losing your edge? Us too. Stick on ‘Sound of Silver (Hair)’, have a nice cup of tea and get innocuous.

Tags: lcd-soundsystem, soundsystem, james-murph, dance, music

OAP Soundsystem Laptop Case

by everyplatewebreak

lcd soundsystem, rock band, brooklyn, new york, james murphy, daft punk, playing at my house, music, lightshow

Tags: lcd, lcd-sound-system, band, music, rock


Have you ever wondered if you're on a drug, but didn't know if it was a monitor or not? Yeah.... us too.

Tags: lcd, drug, funny, youtube, video


King of Time, 3:13, 3 13, Time King, king, clock, alarm clock, magic number, digital, led, quartz watch, time, watch, computer, nerd, geek, game, awesome, lcd, display, guild, lan party, urban, poker, pocket calculator, calculator, funny

Tags: king-of-time, 313, 3-13, time-king, king


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