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Malcolm Mcdowall Laptop Cases


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Tags: work, a-clockwork-orange, clockwork-orange, alex-delarge, ultraviolence

A Clockwork Orange Laptop Case

by welikestuff
$36 $27

There’s nothing George liked more than to hang out at Geoffrey’s Milk Bar with his droogs, Zippy and Bungle, while listening to Rod, Jane & Freddy’s Fifth Symphony. Two 1970s phenomenons collide! CITV’s Rainbow and Burgess/Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

Tags: rainbow, zippy, george, bungle, geoffrey

A Clockwork Rainbow Laptop Case

by paulychilds
$36 $30
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Four customised or concept cars from film and TV which are just too futuristic to be real... or are they...? From top to bottom: • Automan's digitally constructed Autocar which could take corners at right angles, travel at impossible speeds and pass straight through solid obstacles - based on the Lamborghini Countach LP400 • The self driving Lexus 2054 as used by John Anderton to escape from his pursuers in Minority Report • The Durango 95 (in reality a M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16 Concept Car) as stolen by Alex and his Droogs in A Clockwork Orange • Detective Del Spooner's Audi RSQ (with spherical wheels for better turning) from iRobot

Tags: robot, three-laws-of-robotics, isaac-asimov, will-smith, irobot


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