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Mandala Laptop Cases


A mandala design done in halftone, pop-art style. Monochromatic color scheme best suited for darker fabrics.

Tags: abstract, modern, girly, artsy, spiritual

Pop Mandala Laptop Case

by squidpeg

All seeing eye within geometric triangle triad pyramid

Tags: illuminati, occult, all seeing eye, art, eye

Tags: red, hibiscus, enticing, nature, love


My first colourful mandala! Handmade designs and later digitized for amazing looking products!

Tags: mandalas, mandala-pattern, lovely, fun, handmade

Tags: digital, geometry, happiness, bohemian, hippie

Rainbow Mandala Laptop Case

by sombrasblancas

Mandala 1 , is drawn using COPIC Markers and Pigment Pens

Tags: illustration, drawing, sacred-flower, blackandwhite, black-and-white

Mandala 1 Laptop Case

by Litedawn

Alad Nam creates peace, states of perception, emotions, astral travel and colorful dreams https://www.facebook.com/aladnamandala/

Tags: divine, meditate, create, meditation, spirituality

ALAD NAM mauve Laptop Case

by yapwilli

Tags: modern, graphic, geometry, ethnic, indian

Tags: dots, texture, halo, flash, flower

Tags: art, wallpaper, bright, light, design

Tags: art, bright, fantasy, abstract, background

Tags: abstract, zen, fitness, meditation, yoga

Golden Flower Laptop Case

by TaylorMineo

A dark blue mandala pattern with a gradient so the design get lighter, going up.

Tags: pattern, doodle, blue, bohemium, middle-eastern

Dark Blue Mandala Laptop Case

by mailboxdisco

Tags: buddhism, buddhist, buddha, sacred-geometry, sacred-flower

arlong Laptop Case

by sybilonly

Tags: black-and-white, crystal, gemstone, space, galaxy

Gravitation Mandala Laptop Case

by CatherineBuggins

Tags: silver, gold, vector, flower, nature

Tags: painting, pattern, esoteric, colorful, fancy


Mandala pattern using card suits

Tags: magician, magic, gamble, gambling, cards

Mandala Poker Laptop Case

by frederickpuragarcia

Star shaped mandala with red flower center

Tags: meditations, meditative, meditating, bloom, green

Tags: power, divine, rams, sacred-geometry

Tags: graphic-design, graphic, nature, digital, abstract

Mandala - Wood Laptop Case

by aleibanez

During a brief stay at UVa on The Lawn and enjoying the architecture of Thomas Jefferson, I started a Mandala based on one of the Pavilions on the Lawn.

Tags: the-lawn, uva, architecture, thomas-jefferson, monticello

Jefferson Mandala 0001 Laptop Case

by benjaminfaucher7

Mandala created from fractals, Flower of Life.

Tags: transcend, decorative, esoteric, ornaments, geometry

Tags: art, graphic, sun, floral, vectors


Vibrant pink mandala in a tilted square.

Tags: design, hot, art, tile, tilted


Smoke flowers on yellow texture, a beautiful manipulated fractal on a vibrant textured background

Tags: art, grunge, orange, unique, texture


Fire wheel kaleidoscope on purple texture

Tags: design, art, kaleidoscope, orange, fire

Tags: illustration, decorative, contemporary, modern, digital


Mandala Flower Design by Freepik

Tags: abstract, flower, floral

Mandala Flower Laptop Case

by letnothingstopyou

Tags: space, unity, bliss, happiness, joy

Universal Heart Laptop Case

by Siddhartha

Tags: color, mandala, fuck, crazy, people


This one of many mandala designs. This toned down version is modern, clean, and simple. If you love mandalas but maybe not the colors so much. Stickers starting at $2.50 and more products/colors available.

Tags: gray-mandala, white-mandala, watercolor-drips, watercolor-mandala, flower

Mandala Drips Collection Laptop Case

by digitaldoodlers

Tags: mandalas, flower, pink, blue, purple

Mandala Laptop Case

by Jms

Mandala is one of the most mysterious symbols in the human history. Not only is it a beautiful sophisticated picture, but also it represents the most complicated geometry full of great meanings. This Mandala created on the basis of geometric symbols according to the rules of sacred geometry. Thanks to them each mandala has some special energy.

Tags: zen, meditate, meditation, yoga, spirituality


Calming futuristic abstract sacred mandala geometry to spread peace and harmony, beautiful art with a purpose. Be the good, spread peace, compassion, kindness and love.

Tags: meditate, spirituality, zen, meditation, yoga


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