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Morgue Laptop Cases


The logo for Fillmore Graves Enterprises, from the TV show iZombie, dedicated to building a Zombie Homeland.

Tags: fg-enterprises, rose-mciver, pasnthroo, olivia-moore, liv-moore


by pasnthroo

Tags: i zombie, zombie, ice cream, icecream, brain

ice-scream Laptop Case

by haplo

Tags: liv-moore, zombie, pasnthroo, undead, zombie-tshirt


Liv Moore: connoiseur of "brain food."

Tags: fanart, comicart, rosemciver, zombiegirl, warhol

full-on iZombie Laptop Case

by FanboyMuseum

iZombie artwork. T-shirt Design.

Tags: fanart, tv, television, cool, liv moore


I'm a Zombie - Pink Variant

Tags: the-walking-dead, horror, tv-show, zombie-girl, zombie


iZombie artwork.

Tags: comics, dead, undead, tv-shows, horror

I am Already Dead Laptop Case

by MaryJovino

The logo for Fillmore Graves Enterprises, from the TV show iZombie, dedicated to building a Zombie Homeland

Tags: undead, fg-enterprises, fg, olivia-moore, liv-moore


Liv Moore from iZombie.

Tags: zombie, undead, liv-moore, liv, zombie-apocalypse

Tags: liv moore, clive babineaux, zombie, dr. ravi chakrabarti, zombie rat

Tags: pasnthroo, i-zombie, zombie, zombie-tshirt, izombie


The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by André Øvredal. It stars Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as father-and-son coroners who experience supernatural phenomena while examining the body of an unidentified woman (played by Olwen Kelly). It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2016, and was released on December 21. It is Øvredal's first English-language film.

Tags: mortuary, funeral-home, coroner, virginia, bbc

Tilden Morgue & Crematorium Laptop Case

by MindsparkCreative

Tags: i-zombie, zombie-tee, pasnthroo, zombie-tshirt, zombie

Tags: pasnthroo, liv-moore, morgue, zombie, izombie

Tags: undead, zombie-gifts, zombie-tee, zombies, pasnthroo

Tags: vertigo, dc-vertigo, dccomics, pasnthroo, max-rager

Izombie Laptop Case

by aapplero5e

Tags: izombie, liv-moore, liv, moore, rose


Phantasm's The Tall Man is ready to throw some silver balls all up in yer face!

Tags: 80s, 1980s, sphere, silver-sphere, alien

The Tall Man Laptop Case

by AndysocialIndustries

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