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Mottos Laptop Cases

Tags: typography, quote, cool, design, brave

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So much to say about this design. Let me put the Harry Potter thing to bed first: I got sorted into Hufflepuff, and if you've read the supplemental material, you'll know that bravery is absolutely a characteristic of this humble house; we're just not as showy about it as Gryffindor. But, badgers, man! Badgers mean a lot to me, and they have even before I was sorted- I have a little figurine of a badger that was my card protector when I was playing professional poker. They don't look like much, but they're fierce when provoked. I think the badger is a great mascot to have.

Tags: cool, geek, mottos, ribbon, laurels


If you are the princess in your life, then you deserve to arrive in style. Every princess deserves her magical pumpkin. Get yours now

Tags: mottos, funnytee, girls-tops, womens-tops, lineart

Every princess needs a pumpkin Laptop Case

by DelightfullyDoodled

Helfen, wehren, heilen/to help, to defend, to heal – the motto of the Teutonic Knight Order.

Tags: motto, historical, knights, mottos, teutonic-knights


Want to see all the things? Travel all the places? This is the motto of a traveler. Take it on your favorite vacation!

Tags: humor, all-the-places, typography, words, text

See all the things Laptop Case

by Breathing_Room

I Flew United And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt T-Shirt. Funny Airlines New Motto Shirt for United Airlines reaccommodated flight fans everywhere. Original I Flew United And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt Shirt Design featuring classic blood stained united artwork.

Tags: gift, jokes, sarcastic, parody, novelty


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